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Online Documentation


Please refer to our online documentation as the first step in obtaining support.  Documentation is provided for legacy versions, end users, developers and our current release. VisualSmartware documentation is supplemental .
Available Downloads
This website contains downloads for customers who continue to use prior versions of Smartware. Download Area: (All Users)
Contact Information


Product support can be attained in one of four methods. 

  • We can be reached by phone at 608.489.4122 or fax 608.489.4106.

  • Please refer to our large online Documentation section.

  • We have a very active user group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/uksmug/  The SmartWare Users Group (SMUG) is an online group containing members from around the world.  It is a very active and innovative group of programmers and end users who have proven willing to share their ideas and knowledge.

  • To contact technical support via email info@smartware4.com.

Email Support


To request technical support via email, please provide very detailed information. There are many approaches to running Smartware and your situation is unique. We require build number, version of the product, operating system being used, memory, processor and a detailed explaination.  Someone will respond to this request within one (1) business day. 


Those individuals or organizations which are under maintenance are entitled to one hour of installation support.  Maintenance is a program which allows you to stay current with product upgrades and release.  Maintenance is not a program for troubleshooting programming problems.


We attempt to avoid charges for minor support issues.  Major issues are potentially billable and are negotiated on a per instance basis. 


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