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Sales of SmartWare


Tom Hauetter

P.O. Box 136

Bonner Springs

Kansas 66012

Telephone (913) 721-1600

FAX (913) 721-1616

Products for Sale


SmartWare sells the Visual Smartware and the 4.5 Client/Server versions currently.  The pricing structure is based on a per seat model.  The addition of seats is performed by the purchasing of nodes.  There are two types of nodes :



end user


Normally the number of developer nodes is relatively few.  The number of end user nodes is the number of concurrent connections the user environment needs.  The base product is sold with two environment nodes and one developer node. Call for pricing.


Development Services


Since its inception in 1983, SmartWare has been an established professional development department with diversified expertise and wide scope of knowledge. SmartWare helped many world-class organizations to achieve their targets by providing high quality and reliable development services.



SmartWare has adopted a software development process based on a process. Our development process is a framework of tasks and responsibilities that ensures the delivery of high quality software on time and within budget. This development process is well supported by a group of independent software developer well versed in the details of the SmartWare product and process.



The SmartWare product is a programming platform which has excellent capabilities in software development.

SmartWare can assist you in developing your ideas into a workable solution.   Our software development community is very well equipped with software development tools and has a wide scope of experience in programming languages and software technologies including:

COM and Object Orientated Programming

ODBC, Data Imports and Exports


Remote Database Applications

Window  Report Designer


Cold Fusion

Transactional Processing

Analytical Modeling


Our applications are found in all sectors of the business world.  We have applications developed for all components of the business cycle including accounting, manufacturing, point of sale, customer and account management,  shipping, and sales.


Smart Coffee Mugs and Accessories

If you wish to purchase mugs and accessories.

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