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    About Us

About Us

Since its establishment in 1983, SmartWare has been delivering a high quality development platform. The platform is comprised of four common modules.







The platform includes a very intuitive report designer. The report designer can be used with imported data via an ODBC connection.  The features of the product are too numerous to mention here. The power of the product is broad.  Any type of application can be designed and developed for a wide range of businesses and organizations.

Backed up with many years of experience and a wide spectrum of knowledge from hardware design to business applications development, SmartWare positioned itself in the marketplace as a strong partner that can turn tough problems into viable solutions.

We are proud of our long list of success stories.

Our Values

Our Values

The values Smartware believes in and works by are the core reason of its continuous growth and long-term success.

  • Customers
    We offer our customers a strong, reliable and long-term partnership based on trust and respect. We listen to their needs and deliver prompt service. We consistently work to meet and try to exceed their expectations. We aim to bring positive changes to their business.
  • Partners
    We partner with the developer community to serve our customers and add  a competitive advantage. Our partners enhance our capacity and strengthen our position in the market. Often our developers are specifically experienced in the development of the applications within the customer's industry.  This approach of partnering with a wide varity of developers has been very positive.
  • People
    We constantly make sure that our developer community has the opportunity to grow professionally with ongoing training. The developer community is spread throughout the world. The SmartWare company is located in Kansas with a branch office in Wisconsin.  O
    ur key team members make a well rounded and highly skilled team.


    Tom Hauetter has been continuously associated with the SmartWare product for over 18 years.  He started in sales with Innovative Software, the original developers of SmartWare. He continued with SmartWare through the ownership of the product by INFORMIX Corporation, ANGOSS Software International and the transition of ownership in 2002 to the SmartWare Corporation. 

    uring this time he has successful experience in the entire business structure from sales representative to sales manager to product manager and eventually CEO.  He has a thorough knowledge of all aspects of marketing and developing with SmartWare. His long term relationships with virtually all the major corporate accounts using the product and the developers providing business solutions created using SmartWare is invaluable.


    John Halverson, our Chief Software Architect joined SmartWare Corporation after a 5 year stint at the Microsoft Corporation. He was a Software Design Engineer on the Microsoft Access team. John implemented and owned feature areas in MS Access. He also wrote and enhanced all Microsoft Access Wizards as the sole developer. He also wrote tools and documented best practices that benefited the development group. His degree is a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from Luther College in Iowa. He is the technology visionary for the company and has the skills to implement features to the product that are in demand.


    Charles Manser


    Charles is the applications expert and technical support person. He has written software for governments, hospitals, law enforcement, retail, not for profit entities, manufacturers, labor unions, religious entities, insurance companies, law firms, as well as clients in many other businesses categories. Close to 100% of the application business is developed from word of mouth referral.


    Wendy Manser has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education and also a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Special Education from Arizona State University. Wendy was a classroom teacher when she left teaching in 1989 to join Charles full time in the business. She handles customer training, technical support, and she is also an excellent programmer. Her most important duty is the financial responsibilities of the company and she has proven a canny manager of our financial resources. Some would say that she will squeeze a dollar until the eagle grins.


    Joe Kelbel has a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Wisconsin at Platteville. He then graduated, Western Wisconsin Technical College,  and has brought a high skill and energy level to the business. Joe is a Microsoft expert and very good at diagnosing and fixing the things that happen with Windows and Windows based networks. Joe’s role in the ongoing business is that of Network and Systems Specialist including Linux. .

  • Quality
    We believe that quality is essential to our success. We partner with the best, deliver the best services and hire the best. Our quality is ensured by continuously developing the product, employing the best people, following proven practices and methodologies.
  • Technology
    We believe in the power of technology.  Technology has enabled our customers achieve their objectives faster, easier with more efficiency.
    We continuously strive to adopt and utilize new technologies in our product.  After 20 years of product development we believe have the experience to know how to get it done.
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