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 SmartWare Visual





SmartWare has a long history and was first released in 1983 as an office suite.  During that time the desktop has moved to multiple window GUIs. The major question for SmartWare loyalist has been when will SmartWare get a more Windows like look and feel? The answer is Visual SmartWare.


The product has come a long ways in the last three years.  During these three years the database engine has updated, changing the data structure for the first time since 1988.  The new data structure lays the groundwork for support of huge file sizes and data content that reflect the needs of the future as well as support for the Client-Server OLTP data model required for true distributed database applications. With the release of 4.5, the foundation has been laid for product improvements.



Building off of this foundation SmartWare is positioned to offer new features for years to come.  We believe Smartware has moved  back to the position it once held as a premier programming platform, with the release of Visual Smartware.   We would like to thank all of the loyal users for their patience and hope you enjoy Visual Smartware.



A Focus on Integration


There are numerous primary feature improvements to the new Visual SmartWare Product.  Many of this features are focused on Integration.  With Visual SmartWare you can pull together all of the common office software programs.  Being a programming environment with a c-tree database behind it, a programmer can handle a large amount of data from a number of sources. Those sources could include other databases, all of the Microsoft Office applications, other COM enabled software such as QuickBooks or Data Max.  SmartWare can act as the central hub for this type of communication. 

Automation of business practices and the office is a reality and not just a utopian dream.  Many of today's applications are COM ready and most databases provide improved ODBC drivers.  With all of these different applications in the business environment how does one get them all to talk and play together.  We believe the answer will be SmartWare. 



Get on Board


We feel any single one of these features is reason enough to be excited about Visual SmartWare.  Please investigate each feature in more detail and see how it may be of use to you.  The synergy of these features has created a true excitement in the community.


If you are a creative mind and love to program, please get on board today.  We offer a free demo version for trial.  We have a strong existing users group and a bright vision of where the product is headed. 


Smartware is a development platform which enjoyed much success in the eighties and nineties.  It was original designed by Informix and was an early premier development tool.  It created a loyal and gifted following of programmers.  These users have been waiting patiently for SmartWare to incorporate the new demands of the current generation. Its ease of use was a primary attraction to the programmers of the eighties. Simply put it was the best designed and most logical coding environment of the day. During the turn of the century the ownership of the product changed hands and product focus was lost.  The current ownership has been aggressively advancing the product in the last three years. Thank you for your patience -- it is ready.     






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