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When SmartWare Corporation released SmartWare 4.5 we introduced a new concept.  Instead of going into an upgrade R&D cycle every couple of years, we decided to keep the R&D process an ongoing operation. 

Why is maintenance beneficial to our customers?

  • Enhancements and bug fixes are available sooner.

  • Cost benefits due to reduction in R&D and marketing an upgrade.

  • Increased customer support

Since January of 2004, we have released several inline builds including bug fixes, significant internal enhancements and fine tuning of SmartWare, as well as major improvements to the ODBC driver.   All of which were available as part of SmartWare Maintenance.  Renewal of maintenance is $100.00 per node and will be billed approximately one month prior to expiration. 

Yearly Benefits

Yearly Maintenance will entitled you to releases of SmartWare within your maintenance period.  In 2006 Visual Smartware was released.  Primary features can be found at www.visualsmartware.com

Where to get builds and releases:

Current builds, releases and the new ODBC driver are available from our Downloads page to current maintenance customers only.  If you are a maintenance customer and want to download updates, please contact customer support at (608) 489-4122 for a username and password.

SmartWare Corporation appreciates your continued support and look forward to great things happening in the very near future. 


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