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SmartWare  Development

Since its establishment in 1983, SmartWare has been delivering high quality reliable IT solutions and services to a wide range of businesses and organizations.


Smartware is a programming platform.  This platform is built on the Faircom database engine.  SmartWare also includes a word processor, spreadsheet, and communication modules. SmartWare 4.5 was officially released in 2004. The most current release is VisualSmartware, which was released in 2006.  Information on Visual can be found at www.visualsmartware.com


SmartWare 4.5  is fully backward compatible so virtually all existing SmartWare 4.0 and in fact files as far back as 2.65 windows versions will migrate seamlessly to the current release. This will allow a SmartWare user to immediately move production systems to SmartWare 4.5 then incorporate new features offered by the upgrade as they are implemented by user/developer.

Data Base Engine: The FairCom Client Server database engine, C-tree Plus V7.12, has been integrated into SmartWare. We invite you to visit http://www.faircom.com and review the extensive number of enhancements including Client Server and Transaction support the FairCom product will bring to SmartWare.

The Pocket PC: SmartWare, to our knowledge, is now the first Client Server database that is enabled for the Pocket PC. We are pioneers in this marketplace. We believe that SmartWare Developers have true opportunity to create and market applications for the Pocket PC platform that can dominate business categories. With this iteration of SmartWare, it is the mid 1980's again. The market is wide open and there are no immediate challengers.

ODBC: The ODBC driver is much improved and is available for for SQL and ISAM databases.

OLE Automation: With SmartWare now OLE Automated in both directions, SmartWare is fully integrated into the Windows world. For instance, SmartWare "talks" to MS Word and MS Excel in the same way as MS Access. SmartWare can now be positioned as "the database" for the MS Office suite.

ACTIVEX Full support in the database for ActiveX This will allow SmartWare database programmers to attach the THOUSANDS of available ActiveX controls to a SmartWare database view thus greatly enhancing the graphical 'look & feel' as well as significantly enhancing interprocess communication.

Text To Speech: SmartWare is TTS enabled. If you have a Windows operating system other than Windows XP, you will need to visit the Microsoft web site to download the TTS version for your OS.

For upgrade pricing and pricing on  new systems in the USA contact SmartWare Sales (913) 721-1600 for or email sales@smartware4.com for INTERNATIONAL SALES see the contact page for a list of distributors

This release is a bold step into the future for SmartWare that assures continued growth of our very powerful yet user friendly application development tool well into the 21st century!

Tom Hauetter
SmartWare Corporation

The Mission of The SmartWare Corporation is to provide exceptional software tools that meet the demanding requirements of professional software developers. We will encourage and support the creation of exciting and innovative software applications. We will continue to build on the 20 year legacy of SmartWare and incorporate the best available technology in ways that delight the existing user and compel new users to discover for themselves the advantages of Smartware.

Our Distinctive Competence is the fusion of Relational Database technology to a decidedly automated, robust programming environment to leverage the experience of our staff and international developer network for the benefit of all.



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